Eight years ago almost to the day I made my debut tour to the UK where the highlight of the trip was the final gig at The 100 Club in London.

    A lot has happened since that tour… up to that time after arriving in Mallorca from Argentina my concerts had taken place locally in Mallorca/Ibiza plus the occasional visit to the Spanish mainland. Since then many things have changed with various tours all over Europe while establishing a relationship with a European agency that has resulted in regular gigs to France, Germany and Switzerland.

    Along the way there have been some amazing highlights such as playing support for Anastacia on her European come back tour…a couple of crazy nights in Germany supporting Alice Cooper and the amazing Gloria Gaynor back home in Mallorca.

    Yes Mallorca has become my home now… after leaving Argentina and meeting up with my sister Silvana who was already based in Palma. Soon we were joined by our youngest sister Lula and our parents Ariel and Patricia. Eventually our sister Sabrina arrived so finally all the Burgos family are together again…with all the usual arguments …just like how it was in Buenos Aries!

    After visiting Argentina in Christmas I met all my friends for the first time for a few years and it was on meeting the musicians that the seed was planted for another trip to London and The 100 Club. This time though I wanted my musician friends from Argentina to be there with me…to experience that tingle of playing at such an authentic venue…one that has seen legends such as Paul McCartney and Amy Winehouse… to name just two.

    This tour to showcase my album Out of my Blue was a dream and in many ways an impossible one…how could it happen well the guys in ‘My Argentine Band’ were willing to come without payment just to have this opportunity and others have also been so helpful such as Soho Sonic in London and the dream was soon to become a reality. With gigs planned for Barcelona, Mallorca as well as London the tour will give my friends from Argentina a flavour of Europe that I’m sure they will never forget.

    I am going to introduce you now to all of the band who will be ‘My Argentine Band’ for this exciting couple of weeks in autumn 2019… as I invite you to join us on the Out of my Blue Tour…


    For my concert at The 100 Club October the 13th, I’m so pleased to say that I’m working in cooperation with a local charity. THIS CHARITY Fitzrovia Youth in Action (FYA) helps and support disadvantaged youths in the area.
    To be able to help yoing people develop their talents thought my music gives me great pleasure. If this event can assist the dedicated staff and volunteers of @FYA in someway then I and all my band will be very happy. Lots of love Alejandra.



    My Argentine Band:

    • Gabriel Maximiliano Rinaldi

      Percussionist, teacher and research musician. He is currently studying the last subject of his Bachelor’s Degree and is in Music Teaching with guidance from the Orchestral Direction at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata (FBA-UNLP).

      He trained with teachers Jorge de Larrañaga, Bernardo Teruggi, Sergio Siminovich, Isabel Martínez, Gustavo Basso, among others.

      Gabriel takes over percussion from Demi on this tour…and sends a special wish of thanks to him for providing the drums to enable this to happen.

    • Lucas Hernaiz

      Guitarist, singer and instrument designer.

      Since he was 11 years old, he began a special relationship with the guitar that has never stopped, between 2005 and 2014 he studied architecture at the National University of La Plata participating in several projects of rock and blues bands and continued to study music in a self-taught way .

      In 2017 he began to take a Bachelor of Music and Technology at the National University of Quilmes. Lover of human expression and all styles of the electric guitar, Lucas has many influences like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker to name just a few.

    • Nicolas Ruggiero

      Pianist and musician…classically trained, he has played in various musical ensembles from orchestral music to jazz, blues, country and rock. His own music has varied influences in Wagner, Bill Evans, Jimi Hendrix and Hegel.

      Possessing an ironic sense of humour Nicolas states that so far he has failed in almost all his actions…but he is happy just the same!

    • Ezequiel Binnewies

      Ezequiel Binnewies on Bass guitar has played with several artists including Charly Garcia, Maxi Trusso, Pablo Kurday as well as Alejandra in Argentina.

      Currently working as a bass guitar teacher he enjoys music across the spectrum from folk to rock. Ezequiel counts inspiration from many mucisians including Paul McCartney, John Deacon and Lee Sklar.

    Special Guests:

    • Demi Garcia Sabat…Percussion.

      Demi is an original member of Ale’s band in London, playing on her first tour here around 8 years ago and on both previous visits to the 100 Club as well as on all the recordings made at Soho Sonic’s studio…he has graciously handed over the drums for this gig to Ale’s Argentine drummer but will still be part of the band playing Cajon and Cuban drums. Demi is in great demand these days and has been invited to be the percussionist for Nikki Yeoh’s international piano festival on the main stage at Ronnie Scott’s in August…we are very lucky to have him by our side.

    • Susan Allotey…Vocals.

      We are proud to announce that Susan Allotey will join the band as a backing vocalist for this visit to London. Susan is a brilliant soulful singer and has worked with many excellent artists such as Precious Wilson…she has a big personality, full of energy and passion and we are all excited to have her on stage with us adding an extra element of power and fun to the show…along with Ale and Heather…Susan completes our crazy gang of girls.

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