Biografia Alejandra Burgos
    Alejandra is an Argentinean singer, guitarist and songwriter who was the opening act of Anastacia all over Europe, Alice Cooper, Michael Schenker (Scorpions, UFO) in Spain and Germany the last two years with her Rock Band called Fyre! and in 2016, she opened up the Concert for Robert Cray in Es Gremi and for Gloria Gaynor with Antonio Aranda  in the Festival of Port Adriano in Mallorca, Spain and this summer she was the supporter of Maceo Parker in Mallorca in his Tour called “It´s all about Love”.

    Alejandra has a magical and positive energy which takes her all around the world with her music obtaining a very enthusiastic feedback from the people and musicians she met.

    At the age of eight, led by her father, she entered the musical world. It was then that she started taking guitar, percussion and singing lessons at Conservatory Roma in Buenos Aires.

    She was a member of The Beladies, a female band in which she played and sang numerous times in Argentina.

    Biografia Alejandra Burgos

    At the age of twenty-one she became a member of a female Country Trio directed by Gabriel Taborda and Angeles del Arcángel. Then she was singing with Gabriel Gratzer in some festivals and also with Fernando Goin, playing live and making a collaboration in his album.

    After several performances, she participated in San Pedro Country Music Festival in 2005.

    She took part in both national and international Country, Blues and Jazz concerts in “The Camarón and Langostino National Festival” in Ingeniero White, and in The First Blues Festival at the Colon Theatre in Punta Alta City, among others.

    At the beginning of 2007, the NoRon Production Company made a videoclip of The Beatles “Tell me what you see” sung and recorded by Alejandra. This clip was the Winner as The Best VideoClip in FESAALP 2007 La Plata Audiovisual Art Festival.
    Soon after that she composed “Bajo Hondo”, a song dedicated to a rural town located in Coronel Rosales. This song was declared of Cultural Legislative Interest, a prize created by journalist Carlos Lurashi.

    Biografia Alejandra Burgos

    Besides, Alejandra received the Néstor Francischelli Award, granted by Punta Alta City in the “Community Artists” category.

    When she arrived at Palma de Mallorca, Spain in 2008, she started to play alone with just her guitar close to the Cathedral until some people found her and helped her to know some places where she could develop her music. There she used to play with her band formed by Ariel Burgos, Pep Estrada and Fabian Ivachich. And this year with Victor Tugores on Bass Guitar, Yorick Giulato on Guitar and Sergi Tomás Vidal on Drums.

    Alejandra started to play in many clubs on the local circuit and soon become a regular performer throughout Mallorca… her composed songs formed part of two solo albums “The Things I´ve Done” and “Travelling the World”. In 2009 she successfully ended her tour around Spain and at present she is on a tour not only around Spain but also other European countries (London, Germany, Switzerland and France). In London she was playing at the 100Club in Oxford Street and in the Lost Theatre in Stockwell. In the South of France, In the South of France, she works together with the Act Event´s Company, with the production of video clips, concerts, events and festivals. And she used to play live with Sylvestre Etienne, Donatone Fabien, Julien Pierre and Julien Osty.

    Biografia Alejandra Burgos

    Alejandra’s music genre is Rock, Blues and Pop-Rock. Her style shows the influence of artists such as Etta J

    ames, Ruth Brown, Janis Martin, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Brian Setzer, Melissa Etheridge, Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Beth Hart, Kiss, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, and The Beatles, among others.

    In 2012, Alejandra recorded the first album of Fyre! called “Missy Powerful”. Songs with a Hard Rock´s style mixing her bluesy voice with the Rock´s style of the guitar of Tolo Grimalt, the bass guitar of Lars Ratz and the drums of Sergi Vidal Tómas. They were  promoting their album on Tour during 2014 and 2015 with Anastacia, Alice Cooper and Michael Schenker.

    You can get her albums in her website, CD Baby and listen to them on Spotify, Deezer ITunes.

    Then she formed a female band in Mallorca, called “Zone Sisters”. It is a pop-rock project with the objective to bring all the crazy girls full of charisma with a Rock & Roll soul who like to play music together to share and have fun!

    In 2016, Alejandra´s song “It´s not the answer” won as the song of the summer in IB3 Radio and TV of Baleares, so it was playing for four months everyday, all the time, everywhere.

    During the autumn, she went to Madrid to promote her own album. She played a live concert at the iconic place called “Honky Tonk” with Pep Estrada on bass guitar, Antonio Aranda on guitar and Miquel Ferrer on drums. Then she participated in the Queen Tribute “We will Rock you” organiced by Rock Fm and Toxic Prod. And also was playing at the Concerts of RADIO 3 with Alberto Marín on guitar, Matt de Vallejo on drums (Mónica Naranjo) and Mac Hernández on bass guitar.

    Biografia Alejandra BurgosIn this moment, Alejandra is recording her next album “Out of My Blue” that will go out on September 15th and NOW you can DOWNLOAD ONLINE the NEW SINGLE “Stick to the Plan” on CDBaby. Alejandra is working in this project with Rafa Kas, who is the producer and guitarist (O’funk’illo, Ilegales / Jorge Martínez, La Unión, Toreros Muertos, Extremoduro, Tratamiento Anticaspa, Fe de Ratas, Panduro, among others), Antón Ceballos on bass guitar, Wilón DeCalle on drums, plus special guests like Alvaro Bárcena on steel guitar, Samuel Rodríguez on keyboards, Sylvestre Etienne on guitar (AIOLI et YVES PUJOL), Elle Cato on vocals (Backvocal singer of Anastacia and Jamiroquai, among others) and Sil Fernández, Gema Fernández Martínez, Puri Penín González (Backvocals). The album was recorded at Tutú Estudios in Asturias.

    About me

    My father is a musician, guitarist and a Singer, so I was brought up on music and from a young girl I knew that music was in my blood. I followed my father to many gigs pressuring him to teach me to play… we travelled together around Buenos Aires and soon I was part of the act… “a father and daughter duet”… by the age of 12 I was already used to playing in front of large crowds at Festivals and Country Music shows in Argentina. Since I can remember Dad was crazy about the Beatles /Elvis and this huge enthusiasm was passed on to me so we often played songs that came from this era. Then my energy and desire to be on stage in front of crowds had grown too… Entertaining and playing live was now my passion… allowing my personality to shine… sending tingles through my body whenever I felt that amazing bond between artist and audience.

    At 23 I decided to move to Europe… it was a big decision and I found myself alone with just my guitar busking on the streets of Palma de Mallorca. I have been lucky to often find friends in my life to help me and Anton another guitarist took me under his wing and before long paid gigs came our way. The boss of one of the popular music clubs –Jazz Voyeur in Palma- was keen for me to sing there and this venue was to become a regular experience over the next year and still is. Over the years I have met many people there who one way or another have my career… Dave my friend from England being one example and a visit to London and Liverpool to visit the Cavern was a great experience and through a contact in Argentina I managed to play a Festival in Liverpool.

    Later my family travelled from Argentina to join me in Mallorca and I was soon playing alongside my Dad again…although now it was really my band… My little sister –Lula-had also arrived and along with her on bass we put another all girl band together called “Zone Sisters”. With this venture we bring female musicians in and out of the band and play all over Mallorca…

    My own song-writing continues to evolve a bit of country, blues & Pop Rock… a mixture of styles with no restrictions…often held together by a cheeky/steamy Latin vibe. So, in 2017 I went to Los Angeles, to the NAMM Show to plya some of my songs… And I loved so much that place!!!

    Later this year in October I will be playing at the 100 Club in Oxford Street, London… my third visit in the last 8 years… on this occasion I will be representing a charity that helps local disadvantaged youths… hopefully they will recognise my desire and ambition providing a helpful influence to these creative young people who will take the stage to support me during that evening.

    I will present my own album -Out of my Blue- these songs represent my life and experiences…singing the majority of songs that I’ve written myself is clearly a risk but l’m not the type of girl to play safe… I’m here to entertain but for sure I’m going to take chances. Simply coming to play in London is a gamble I have no management or sponsors… I have to rely on my friends and contacts… the odds are often stacked against you in these circumstances but my determination to succeed and a belief in my ability to be on stage with other talented musicians is what drives me on… giving me the confidence over recent years to open for distinguished artists such as  Anastacia, Gloria Gaynor, Alice Cooper, Robert Cray, Michael Schenker and only last month Maceo Parker in Port Adriano, where I met up with Bruno Speight.

    It’s passed in a bit of a whirl…an amazing 10 years here in Mallorca but now I feel like I did in Argentina all those years ago… I want to broaden my horizons. I know I have the songs, the ambition, the energy, the passion… so how to harness this all together for my career to grow further… given the opportunity I have a lot more to offer… if this means taking more chances then I’m prepared. I make no bounds on what I feel I can achieve… And this will be the message that I shall give to all those young individuals… always believe in yourself and never give in.

    Best Wishes, Alejandra


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