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    NOW you can download online the single “Stick to the Plan” & “Blue turns to Love” on CDBaby, Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Apple Store.

    Thanks so much to all of you for your strong support. I hope you can experience the emotion and desire that comes from my heart…a raw and pure sound…and you feel like I did when as a child I listened to my earliest musical influences.

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    You can get the new single on cdbaby, Amazon Music & listen on Spotify & Deezer

    Throughout this winter of 2018 Alejandra’s new album is being cooked!
    In this album you will find the songs which identify the most to Alejandra and her new material that she was working on during 2017 with great enthusiasm.

    After so many comings and goings with Rafa Kas (O’FUnk’Illo, Ilegales / Jorge Martinez, La Unión, Toreros Muertos, Extremoduro, Tratamiento Anticaspa, Fe de Ratas, Panduro), and after so much time, almost 10 years of getting to know each other and sharing stages together, they finally decided to record the next album in Asturias.
    They will record it in Tutú Studios with Antón Ceballos and Wilón DeCalle plus special guests!
    I am very happy and proud to be able to share this moment with all of you.
    My own album that finally after so many years of work and experiences, I feel for the first time that it will be “MY OFFICIAL ALBUM”.
    Rafa Kas will be the producer and guitarist of this album.
    We work together adding all the things we like and contributing with all the ideas that come to our minds, soaking in our influences and believing in the emotion, complicity and simplicity of our concerts.

    That´s all.

    I hope to get all that energy and the strength of the live Concert´s feeling that we receive when we are playing, the same kind of feedback that flows in those special moments.
    My intention is to do something simple but strong, authentic and honest, to go forward without any doubt or barriers with a lot of positivity, fulfilling my desire to convey and share in each song my deep message and all my feelings.

    Thank you for following us on this path … we hope to have it finished for May and present it as soon as possible!
    We will keep you updated!

    Thanks a lot to everyone, and you have to know that without you this wouldn´t be possible.
    Thank you for all the support of the people who are pushing every day and sending good energies for everything that goes well.
    Follow the whole process through the networks!  Facebook and Instagram!!!

    😉 Bye!!! Hasta la vista!



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