Ghost on my mind
There is a storm, that ends no more
No use finding why now any more.
I don’t feel bad, don’t wanna shout
I’ll understand when peace I find.

It sounds like I’ve saying that before
That I’ve slept on it So many times
But I only know that I couldn’t help but start to
Cry, cry and fill my heart
And defeat the wind
Fly, without ghost on my mind
Know that all I want is find myself again.

The shadow is gone, my skin isn’t cold
and the pain no longer hurts no more
I’m doing my best, to live here and now
Don’t let me go back into the past

I didn’t mean to look around, I really had no other chance
Than climb up those painful rungs
And with no feeling in my heart
And from the top I saw myself alive and I start to cry….