Hey Listen, I´m back
I just opened virgin pages
and I found myself alive
Yes, I know, we were empty and cold
Behind the scenes where anything could be…

Just let your mind freak out,
Push me into a purple sky
And let me feel like, just let us feel like
Let´s feel like…

Gold, is to know,
that behind the cloud there is a sun
I go high, for you touch,
sing this song and the blue turns to love.

Is a storm, awaking up your sleepy heart,
Where I am? doesn´t mine, if the…
IF THE BLUE TURNS TO LOVE, turns to Love, turns to love.

Hey Sister, you are back
I´m so glad you opened up your eyes
and found yourself alive
Yes, you know, I just missed you so
It was so hard you couldn’t see the light…