The Things I´ve Done
Crazy about sharing
crazy about games
crazy about the things we have in our hands
I want everything I can, to be in paradise
maybe Im a fool, but I love all the things I´ve done.

Crazy about boys
crazy about girls
my boat is moving slow, but I don´t wanna stop
I want more and more I wanna be strong enough

I´m maybe a fool, but I like all the things I´ve done.

I´m sitting here thinking about the things we´ve broke
when we felt alone
Please, don´t be afraid of yourself
And don´t go back to the ocean
Life gives you fire, so keep your eyesopen wide

Crazy about new stuff
crazy about the truth
I wanna play guitar and do what I do
I know I must see everything is not real
maybe I´m just a fool, stop and look!! At all the things i´ve done.

Maybe we should go down to hell
Come back to see this world
trying to understand
maybe it´s so so good
just to see if its all comes true.