SILENCE OF LOVE in New York City

SILENCE OF LOVE in New York City

SILENCE OF LOVE in New York City

Hola a todos! Quería decirles que me hace muy feliz compartirles este Video Clip en este momento. Esta canción la compuse con muchas emociones y hemos trabajado mucho para poder presentárselos durante este confinamiento y así poder seguir reflexionando sobre muchas cosas. Gracias por estar, espero lo disfruten y compartan con sus amigos.

Filmado en Nueva York en enero 2020 antes de que se desatara la Pandemia, y luego fueron sumadas imágenes del Nueva York en marzo.

Cuídense. Alejandra
Hi Locos! I’m so happy to share with you this video in this moment of quarantine. I composed that song with a lot of emotions and we worked hard for sharing this with you right now. I hope you enjoy it and you share it with your friends, thanks for being there always.

Filmed in New York in January 2020 before the Pandemic broke out, and then some footage from New York was added in March.

Stay safe. Alejandra.


As I lay down
Rest my weary head
Trouble my mind
With all that´s has been said.
Disarming your pain
Is driving me insane
And your constant frown
Is dragging me down.
How can we choose a fight that we both loose?
Born of our fears is the path of our tears.

But if I could fly, take my heart to the sky
That looks down on us
with the silence of love,
Silence of love…

Filmed in New York in January 2020 by James – Hot Indie Media –
Produced and Directed by Alejandra Burgos
Edited by Alejandra Burgos & Facundo Delrio

Thanks a lot to Verónica, Gaudina, Daniel Delrio, Manu, Flor & Nicolás, Dave, Burgos’s Family.

Pictures of New Your City in march filmed by Alfy Tavarez. His You Tube Channel here.