Swimming pool party

Swimming pool party

Swimming pool party (Lyrics)

One day you will remember
in that place we made the show
we thought we’ do our concert, our steady job,
but come on!
you didn’t tell us the way it was going to go!
Did you hide it for some reason?
We know it wasn’t me who misunderstood.

There is a party, there is a party,
there is a party and we don’t know…
there’s a party, It´s your party,
Will it be tricky like you?
So come on! If I just love it!
I could be the one who pushes everyone! Oh, yeah…
but next time better you´ll tell us something,
so we can choose what we wanna do!

Swimming pool Party, swimming pool party!
Swimming pool party, swimming pool party!
There´s a Swimming pool Party! Swimming pool Party!
There´s a Swimming pool Party! Swimming pool Party!
But next time you will let us know!!

Maybe you could feel like you never felt before,
some boys Trikiny’s style and bikinis on the floor!
Just take it easy! Break it down
cos there’s nothing we can do…
Do you think it’s too late to leave now?
maybe we just stay this afternoon…

There is a party, there is a party
there is a party and we don’t know,
there’s a party, It´s your party,
Will it be tricky like you? so come on!
Why do I have to swim between
snakes and champagne!?
Cos you know I have a big big mouth
when I see something that I don’t like!!!

Producción: Alejandra Burgos.
Dirección: Joaquín Franke.
Jefe de producción: Facundo Delrio.

Dirección de Fotografía: Juan Costamagna.
Asistente de Dirección: Nahuel Fernández.
Dirección de Arte:
Lola Cafardo/Ana Benarós.
Asistente de Arte: Pedro Ferrari /Lola Anud
Vestuario: Cande Rosito/Diego Leguizamón
Asistente de Vestuario: Ivanna Donofrio
Montaje : Dani Castillo/ Joaquín Franke
Color: Sebastián Guttman
Maquillaje: Ariadna Romero.
Peinado: Julia Gaffer/ Cesar Guardia.

Actor principal :
Anfitrion «Fede Barón»

Lucas Hernaiz – Guitar
Gabriel Rinaldi – Drummer
Nicolás Rugger – Keyboards
Ezequiel Binnewies – Bass guitar

Bar Woman :
Candela Guyot

Pedro Visuara

Segurity guy:
Valentino Naughton

Winner: Tomás Vukojicic

Elsa Polemann
Kuki Raimondi
Maria del Carmen Polemann.

Golden Thong Zunga:
Gustavo Héctor

Dancers: Sonia Catalina, Lucia Luján y Facundo Caramelo.
Dealer artist: Daniel Delrio
Cowboy: Lisandro Bonzon

Party Time:
Daniel Ducca
Margarita Bouquet
Manuel Aguilar
Florencia Torres
Vicu Aguilar
Nanu Nair
Lucas Chamorro
Ivanna Donofrio
Diego Leguizamón
Mariela de Rosa
Cristina Burgos
Sol Montes
Paula Cacace
Aldana Delrio
Lucho Schiavone

Eléctrico: Javier Arcaro
Eléctrico: Ernesto Portela

Foquista: Thomas Grinberg.
2do de cámara: Leandro Bordakevich

Grip : Alejandro Rios

Logística: Juli Cristaldo/
Marce Cristaldo


IVESS Rosmino y CIA
Agustin Picabea
Jimena Delrio
Stephan R.
Yanina Mora
Lenny Juan Manuel

Gracias a todos por ser parte de esta gran aventura!
Thank so much to all of you for being part of this adventure!