Stick to the plan

Stick to the plan

Song produced with Rafael Rodríguez García, in Tutu Estudios, Asturias.

Thanks you! Gracias! Merci! Danke! Takk!

Stick to the plan (Lyrics)

I have a mission to never let you down
but somehow you always keep me blind
You always tell me
Please, don´t waste your time
but you keep all the little stupid things around…

So, come on, put your pants on
Do every thing you want me to do
Go out your bed now, kick all this shit out
I´ll wake you up!! What can I? What can I do??

Stick to the plan, stick to, Stick to the plan!!
No matter what now, just..
Stick to the plan, stick to, Stick to the plan!!
Every wall and every storm,
Make us stronger than before…
Stick to the plan babe…

Every wall and every storm
Make us stronger than before

You always have a reason
Not to move your ass
But I can´t stand you behaving like that
I really don´t care, about the nice things around you
Look at what we´re doing ,
That´s what it´s all about

Alejandra Burgos
Juan Cuervo, Miguel Prado, Juan Tizón, Javi Savoy, Savoy Club, Patricia Suarez Valero, Modesto Pablo Muñoz Gallego, Silver, Guillermo Willy González, Rafael Rodríguez García, Sergio Tutu, Sergio Diaz, POISON HEART CLOTHING, Félix Corcuera Álvarez. Sheila Montes!!!